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We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and offer a complete range of dental services, providing affordable and compassionate care to patients who would otherwise be overlooked by
office-based dental practices.


Sprinter Dental is committed to excellence. We have a long and successful track record of providing services to senior communities and those in managed care throughout North Texas. We provide the same quality dentistry at your facility
that you would expect at our dental office.

:: Why Choose Us?

: Personalized, preventative driven dentistry

: On-site dental care at your facility

: Sprinter Dental services the DFW Metroplex and facilities up to 200 miles away

: Family owned company with 25 years experience locally

: Highly trained dental professionals

: Support to assist with all IME paperwork process

: Clinical partnership with your DON and their support staff

: Emergency 24 hour access to dentists

: Incentive program for your facility


:: Procedures

: Preventative Care: Exams, Cleanings, Digital X-rays, Oral Cancer Screenings

: Fillings

: Extractions

: Periodontal Scaling and root planning

: Crowns and Bridges

: New Dentures and Partials

: Denture and Partial Relines and Repairs

: Implant Restorations


OSHA Compliant: Strict infection control and sterilization procedures followed.

HIPPA Compliant

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